Highly Recommended Items To Pack When Jungle Trekking

Trekking in the jungle can be intimidating. It is a place full of scary animals and creepy crawlies yet offering a bounty of amazing adventures. It is important to pack the right items when planning to trek any jungle. Here are some of the highly recommended items to pack when jungle trekking.



Expect do face some rather challenging damp and wet condition when trekking the jungle, more so because most of the jungles are rainforests. Thus, you should dress appropriately. Consider packing clothes that dry quickly and some that are water-resistant. The material should be sturdy enough to withstand tears as you find your way through the thick vegetation and offer enough protection against insects such as mosquitoes. Pack a breathable coat, a quick drying t-shirt and sweater, and water-resistant trousers.



You will be trekking, and that means doing lots of walking in some rather unforgiving conditions. You need footwear that is comfortable and able to offer adequate support and traction. The Therefore, you need proper jungle boots; a sturdy pair that is not too heavy. Standard hiking boot may suffice but consider the conditions of the forest you will trek.


You will need something better is you are going into an environment where you will frequently wade through muddy terrain and rivers. The military type of boots is an excellent choice. The boots are water-resistant, breathable, and have soles that prevent the mud from clogging thus providing a firm traction. Pick footwear made from sturdy canvas or leather. Remember to wear quality socks that dry quickly and has excellent water resistance to avoid keeping your feet in wet condition while in shoes.


The Gear

The jungle is a place with thick vegetation and poor visibility and access. As such, it is important to pack the right gear that will make the trek less of a drudgery. You will thus have to pack a compass, camping knife, pocket knife, and a Massenet in case you have to slash your way through thick vegetation in the forest. You will also need to pack a first aid kit, some matches, ant-itch cream, insect repellent, water bottle, and some medications such as aspirin and antibiotics.


Remember to pack all your items in dry bags sealing these completely and place them in a waterproof trekking backpack. The aim is to keep water out even when you have to cross deep rivers all keep trekking even in very rainy conditions.

9 Adventure Travel Tips Worth Remembering

Are you looking forward to that planned adventure trip? Well, here are nine tips worth considering that will make your adventure travel easy, fun, and exciting.


  1. Plan Your Travels In Advance


Start your travels plan early, and you increase the chances of getting the best deals and prices. Decide on what type of trip you would like, jungle trekking, water adventures, camping trips or a remote hotel location. Doing this also ensures that you have a well thought out plan of the various activities you will engage in while at your destination of choice. Book your transportation modalities and accommodations in advance.


  1. Have Travel Document In Order


Ensure your visa and passports are current to avoid getting turned back at the airport because your documents are expired. Have your passport valid for at least six months before the date of departure. Also, make copies of your travel documents, and carry the copies separately from the originals.


  1. Get Your Money-Matters Right


Always have enough cash for the various small expenses you will have to pay for out of pocket. Do your best to have the local currency used in the destination country. However, consider using your credit card to handle the big expenses. Have a MasterCard or Visa, the former being most preferable. Also, know your credit card company’s contacts just in case you lose your card while travelling.

  1. Break In The Shoes


You would not want to get blisters and tears, and you were sure that you bought the perfect pair of hiking boots. Give those new shoes a good breaking in and get your feet accustomed to them in readiness for the trip.


  1. Get Travel Insurance


You cannot foretell what will happen during your trip, and it thus is prudent to consider taking measures that will secure your money, health, and properties. Getting travel insurance will be a brilliant idea.


  1. Pack Light


Less is more when travelling more so because you want an easy time moving around as you enjoy the sights and sounds during your vacation. Having a packing list will help you pick all the things you need and that suit the requirements of your travels.


  1. Make A Travel Journal


A travel journal is will not only serve as a keepsake for your adventures but will be a personal story, a reminder of all the thrills and excitement the trip gave you. You can also share the journal with your friends and help them identify different adventures that are worth experience in their next travels.


  1. Carry Medication


The change in geographical location, as well as that which occurs when travelling especially by air, can make you feel a bit off-the-weather. So, be ready to experience a bit of nausea, headache, and malaise. But, you can counter these feeling using some altitude sickness medication such as Diamox. Carry enough medications more so if you have allergies. Know the vaccinations required or recommended in visiting a particular destination. Have a medical kit with some medication, bandages, antiseptic, and other first-aid gear. Remember to carry some sunscreen if your adventures take you to a sunny destination.


  1. Pack A Few Handy Accessories


Do not forget to carry other helpful items such as earplugs, pocket knife, flashlight, wipes, water bottles, and zip-lock baggies to take various delicate items such as cameras, phones, and flashlights. Have a waterproof bag to carry wet clothing separately from the dry ones.

All in all, going for adventures can be a life-changing experience, especially when visiting new locations. However, it is imperative that you be flexible and ready to expect the unexpected. The unexpected will often be a source of some of the best stories to tell or note in your journal and thus the need to have an open mind if you are to enjoy the adventure of travel fully. Flexibility is the key; be flexible, and you will be one happy traveller. Keep the above adventure travel tips in mind when planning for your next travels, and you will have the best of time, and you enjoy new experiences.