Highly Recommended Items To Pack When Jungle Trekking

Trekking in the jungle can be intimidating. It is a place full of scary animals and creepy crawlies yet offering a bounty of amazing adventures. It is important to pack the right items when planning to trek any jungle. Here are some of the highly recommended items to pack when jungle trekking.



Expect do face some rather challenging damp and wet condition when trekking the jungle, more so because most of the jungles are rainforests. Thus, you should dress appropriately. Consider packing clothes that dry quickly and some that are water-resistant. The material should be sturdy enough to withstand tears as you find your way through the thick vegetation and offer enough protection against insects such as mosquitoes. Pack a breathable coat, a quick drying t-shirt and sweater, and water-resistant trousers.



You will be trekking, and that means doing lots of walking in some rather unforgiving conditions. You need footwear that is comfortable and able to offer adequate support and traction. The Therefore, you need proper jungle boots; a sturdy pair that is not too heavy. Standard hiking boot may suffice but consider the conditions of the forest you will trek.


You will need something better is you are going into an environment where you will frequently wade through muddy terrain and rivers. The military type of boots is an excellent choice. The boots are water-resistant, breathable, and have soles that prevent the mud from clogging thus providing a firm traction. Pick footwear made from sturdy canvas or leather. Remember to wear quality socks that dry quickly and has excellent water resistance to avoid keeping your feet in wet condition while in shoes.


The Gear

The jungle is a place with thick vegetation and poor visibility and access. As such, it is important to pack the right gear that will make the trek less of a drudgery. You will thus have to pack a compass, camping knife, pocket knife, and a Massenet in case you have to slash your way through thick vegetation in the forest. You will also need to pack a first aid kit, some matches, ant-itch cream, insect repellent, water bottle, and some medications such as aspirin and antibiotics.


Remember to pack all your items in dry bags sealing these completely and place them in a waterproof trekking backpack. The aim is to keep water out even when you have to cross deep rivers all keep trekking even in very rainy conditions.